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Treatment Resources in Regina and Saskatchewan

Catholic Family Services Counseling 



Family Services Regina & Thrive Walk-In Clinic

*free walk-in counselling*

Online Therapy Unit – University of Regina

*This is a free service for Saskatchewan residents*

Regina Adult Mental Health Clinic

Sun Life Financial Psychology Clinic – University of Regina


Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan

This website provides information about assessment, programs, and other online resources and links for: 

  • ADHD

  • speech and language difficulties

  • mood disorders

  • developmental disorders, etc.

Home - Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan (

Resources for Online Help

Gives general information about anxiety as well as self-help documents

This website includes information about how to treat and prevent substance use and mental health concerns. They have an extensive "Resources" collection.

Head to Health is an Australian website that provides information about many different psychological disorders.

Psychcentral has lots of great articles on many types of difficulty that people face. There are also prompts about how to find online services.

This website of Drs. Gilbert and Bilsker includes excellent free, downloadable resources on several topics including the Antidepressant Skills Workbook

This is a very common source of articles about psychology and self-help.

This website offers online meetings for recovery from different substances and harmful behaviours. Their website has an interesting collection of resources including books, tools, and videos.

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